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Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

To create a platform which will provide an opportunity to those with some academic marketing knowledge with expanded insight, understanding and practical skills about marketing – from idea conceptualisation to the development, launch and maintenance of marketing plans and programmes for contributing to the achievement of the strategic business objectives of the organisation.

NQF level 8. 120 Credits.
Min. 1 years. Max. 4 years.

Full qualification cost:
R34 405*
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Learning Outcomes

There are nine learning outcomes in this programme

  • Demonstrate advanced skills in implementing marketing knowledge and principles, appreciating how it contributes to and draws on the other functional areas of business.
  • Understand and take full responsibility for a marketing position as a functional leader as well as being a contributing member of a management team in an organisation.
  • Provide an assessment of an organisation’s internal strengths and capabilities, as well as the external environment opportunities, and link the organisational resources with practical marketing activities in the field when interacting with clients.
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the national and international economic context within which organisations offer their products and services to clients and institute practical action steps to capitalise on marketing opportunities the environment presents.
  • Demonstrate the application of academic knowledge in evaluating and selecting relevant information from the field and processing this for the purpose of developing a plan for the active management of key accounts as well as the generic expansion of the client base.
  • Produce an action plan for identifying new clients, using appropriate information on the products and services offered by the business and documenting this for communicating the marketing plan to management.
  • Develop appropriate systems and methods for evaluating business progress and for quantifying the personal contribution to organisation-wide targets.
  • Illustrate an understanding of the ongoing need for mastering life-long learning strategies in the rapidly changing field of marketing management.
  • Identify and address ethical frameworks in the field of marketing management and base decisions and actions on appropriate values in keeping with generally accepted and sound principles of ethical behaviour.

The programme is divided up as follows:

  • Submission of assignments in each module except Applied Marketing Project. (Refer to the calendar of events).
  • An open book examination in Applied Brand Management and Communications and Applied Global Marketing Dynamics. (Refer to the examination timetable).
  • Completion of an Applied Marketing Project. No assignment or examination is required. There will be a practical assessment.


This programme consists of five modules and is structured as follows:

  • Applied Brand Management and Communications (20 credits)
  • Applied Global Marketing Dynamics (20 credits)
  • Applied Marketing Metrics (20 credits)
  • Applied Marketing Project (40 credits)
  • Applied Marketing Leadership (20 credits)



Fees for Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management SA Fee per module
Application fee for Postgraduate Diploma R550.00 (non-refundable)
Application fee for Postgraduate Diploma (IMM Graduate School graduates) R275 .00 (non-refundable)
New student registration fee (once-off payment) R1 675.00 (non-refundable)
Semester fee R550.00 (non-refundable)
Assessment fee per module except Marketing Project R5 525.00
Applied Marketing Project R8 980.00
Late registration – assessment fee per module R500.00 per module

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* Assumes completion over a 1 year period and
** Prices subject to increases on an annual basis