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Higher Certificate in Marketing

Higher Certificate in Marketing

The purpose of the programme is to provide students, qualifying with the certificate, with a broad but elementary knowledge of marketing as well as business concepts, guiding students through the entry-level application of these concepts. It further provides students with the basic knowledge to structure the organisation effectively to deliver products, product-related services and services, providing value to customers, motivate purchases and fulfill customer needs.

NQF level 5. 135 credits
Min. 1 year. Max. 4 years.

Full qualification cost:
R24 475*
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Learning Outcomes

There are seven learning outcomes in this programme

  • Demonstrate an elementary understanding of literacy with respect to academic writing, technology, numeracy and communications.
  • Display an elementary but broad scope of knowledge in the field of business and be able to link marketing activities to the functioning of organisations.
  • Associate and describe within a business context, the systems within which organisations operate and be able to link these to marketing opportunities.
  • Explain the typical elementary methods and procedures involved in marketing.
  • Explain the theories typically applied in the field of marketing and business management.
  • Solve elementary marketing and business problems in organisations.
  • Access, process and apply foundational marketing information, in view of ethical behaviour.


This programme consists of seven modules and is structured as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing (20 credits)
  • Academic Literacy (15 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Business Management (20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Business Numeracy (20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Sales Management (20 credits)
  • Electives:
    • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
      (20 credits) or
    • * Fundamentals of Project Management
      (20 credits) or
    • Fundamentals of Business Communication
      (20 credits)

* Will be available from Semester 1-2020


Fees for Higher Certificate Programmes SA Fee per module
New student registration fee (once-off payment) R1 675.00 (non-refundable)
Semester fee R550.00 (non-refundable)
Assessment fee per module R3 100.00
Late registration fee per module an addition R500.00 per module

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* Assumes completion over a 1 year period and
** Prices subject to increases on an annual basis