Understanding Financial Technologies

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Innovation makes the world move forward. It breaks new ground, accelerates change and shapes industries. But what happens when cutting-edge technology intersects with a major sector? It can bring about a complete industry revolution and induce exponential growth. Technology has always been a driver of growth and innovation in business, but none more so than in the financial services sector. Fintech, or Financial Technologies, is a term that spans a breadth of players, products and issues, as well as, straddling the financial and other sectors, including telecommunications, retail, data analytics and device manufacturing. It’s essentially the intersection of financial services and technology.

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With this online short course, you’ll learn how the financial services sector is being shaped and transformed by digital technologies, which are themselves constantly evolving. You’ll explore what’s driving the emergence of a new breed of businesses, what solutions have been implemented to accommodate a range of customer and business challenges and the technologies that these are based on. You’ll gain a broad understanding of the history, context, regulatory framework, policies and guidelines the financial services operate within, in order to understand its future. And you’ll learn why and how several governments and major cities have placed financial services and technology at the heart of their economic development. This course is designed for people across a range of industries, including those in financial services, programmers, engineers, technicians, business owners and would-be entrepreneurs, giving you valuable insight into how and why you can be a part of the broad and burgeoning Fintech sector. It’s presented by The Open University, a UK-based online learning and research university and an industry leader in executive education and upskilling the workforce. Their ultimate goal is to be world leaders in the design, content and delivery of supported open learning. Keeping up with innovation is not a nicety anymore, it’s a necessity. If you want to be a part of the ground-breaking Fintech industry, sign up for this online short course today.

What you will learn:

  • How the financial services sector has evolved and how it currently operates
  • How technology and regulation is impacting on financial services and the drivers behind this
  • Key financial, economic and technological terms and concepts and be able to articulate and apply them appropriately
  • The significance of trends and the role of stakeholders in the Fintech environment and their impact on the future of financial services
  • How to implement change and update programmes in your organisation by contributing insightfully and with innovative practical skills
  • Why predictions and growth expectations for the Fintech sector are extremely positive and why the conditions are ripe for a flourishing Fintech ecosystem
  • A new type of progressive business model that focuses on empowering and improving services for customers and why this is opening up access to fairer financial services and commerce for individuals and small businesses

Where this course could take you:

Here are some career opportunities this short course will help you work towards:
  • Manager in Financial Services industry
  • Marketing Manager for a FinTech company
  • Consultant

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