The Brand of You

10 Weeks
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“Had I known this information when I was nineteen, I would have retired a billionaire when I was 30.”- Leading African Economist, 85% of your financial success depends on your soft skills, your ability to get along with people, whereas your technical knowledge accounts for only 15% of this success. This is according to a study done by Stanford, Harvard and the Carnegie Foundation.


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It seems that the greatest secrets to earning more and working less have been overlooked for decades. If you do not have the necessary people skills and professional conduct to highlight your intelligence, all your schooling and continued education can amount to nothing, since you will forever be overlooked. If you are unable to act appropriately, people perceive you as incapable and unintelligent irrespective of your intelligence and capability.

This course will teach you how to present the brand of YOU. Afterall people buy into you before they buy into your product. You will learn how to conduct yourself appropriately with presence, professionalism and confidence.

What you will learn:

  • Hosting a meeting with ease
  • Strategically planning and execute hard hitting meetings
  • Managing yourself with confidence around even the most intimidating boardroom tables
  • Communicating all necessary details leading up to a meeting
  • Preparing yourself for attending a meeting
  • Understanding the power of goal setting and visualisation
  • Knowing where the correct place is to sit in a meeting room
  • Speeding read people’s body language
  • Reading what people are thinking and feeling without them mentioning a word
  • Giving a professional handshake
  • Managing your eye contact in different environments
  • Making a strong first impression, after all this happens within 5 seconds of someone seeing you
  • Entering into a room with presence
  • Becoming the most memorable person in the room
  • Connecting with people in seconds
  • Building likeability with any one
  • Building and maintain relationships with clients, peers and suppliers
  • Introducing yourself and what you do in an intriguing and 'non-salesy' way
  • Starting a conversation with anyone
  • Having long lasting and interesting conversations
  • Using small talk to build connection and break the ice
  • Handling awkward situations and questions with ease and confidence
  • Communicating professionally over email, telephone and cell phone
  • Controlling your personal brand online

Where this course could take you:

Here are some career opportunities this short course will help you work towards:
  • You will stand out from the crowd
  • Important skills for any manager or aspiring manager

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