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DON’T MISS OUT! Event: Marketing the Future - Unlocking the human element in a digital world.

JHB - 3 Oct.

Event – Marketing The Future

The IMM Graduate School in proud partnership with Nedbank, invites you to attend “Marketing the Future – Unlocking the human element in a digital world”.

Three forces of change are transforming the role of marketers in our new world.

  • Technological innovation encompassing digitisation, virtualisation, automation ad interconnectivity
  • Variety, complexity ambiguity and interdependency. There are no borders to how we operate and connect
  • The power of consumers to shift interests and create expectations places marketing at the centre of relentless demands on brands and services

Against this backdrop, marketers are expected to apply their creativity and ingenuity with a clear mind and strong sense of pride and purpose.

Our carefully selected speakers will engage and inform, inspire and excite. Most importantly they will contribute to your ongoing quest for new knowledge.

Please select the event date and location below that you would like to attend:

Meet the Speakers

Keynote Speaker. Advertising Strategist

Andy Rice

Topic: Even a Ferrari has a review mirror

Andy Rice, a well-known brand strategist, public speaker, and advertising commentator, presents “Even a Ferrari has a rear-view mirror”. Rice draws on his extensive experience as a brand manager, strategist and co-founder of Yellowwood Brand Architects, the first specialist brand strategy consultancy in South Africa. Rice, who recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from his peers, is passionate about the link between creativity and commercial effectiveness and has co-hosted an advertising feature on Talk Radio 702 for many years.

Data Science Expert

Shavani Naidoo

Topic: How 4IR will change the way we work

Shavani is a machine learning expert with experience in insurance, banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and retail markets across Africa and Europe. Her focus lies predominantly in client development with respect to harnessing the benefits of Big data and AI.  She is passionate about innovation through the use of technology and creative problem-solving.

Mind Science Practitioner

Anne Thistleton

Topic: We are of Two Minds (and you are listening and talking to the wrong one)

Consumer marketing veteran and Mind Science Practitioner, Anne Thistleton, presents “We are of Two Minds (and you are listening and talking to the wrong one)”, which delves into her findings working with some of the world’s leading cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists and behavioural economists, around how our mental-operating system processes the communications that are constantly thrown at us. Thistleton has an MBA from Harvard University in the United States and came to South Africa 20 years ago as a lead strategist for the Coca Cola Company.

Master of Ceremonies

Sean McCoy

Writer, speaker and marketing stalwart of more than 30 years, previously Managing Director at both Enterprise IG Africa Middle East and Specialised Exhibitions. He is a founder member of HKLM, Africa’s leading strategic branding and communications agency with representation in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana and Swaziland, and currently an active, operational executive.